Get the lowdown on Lit Labs

Join us for a virtual event on October 24th 2022 at 10AM PDT to learn all about Lit Labs!

Photo of Elliott Marquez
Elliott Marquez

The Lit team is hosting a virtual event on Monday, October 24th 2022 at 10AM PDT to talk about all of the exciting work going on in Lit Labs. We'll give an overview of the Lit Labs program, followed by detailed presentations on several Labs packages. And we'll let you know how you can help get these packages across the finish line and shape the future of Lit!

To make sure you don't miss it, go to the live stream and sign up for notifications.

What is Lit Labs?

Lit Labs is an umbrella for Lit packages under development that we are actively seeking community engagement on. These projects may be experimental or incomplete, or simply looking for real-world feedback. Lit Labs projects are published under the @lit-labs npm scope.

What will be covered at the Lit Labs event?

We'll show you how individual Labs packages can help you in your Web Component projects, and let you know what each package needs to graduate from Labs. Here are the packages we'll be covering:

When is it, again?

The event will be on Monday, October 24th 2022 at 10AM PDT. Make sure to sign up for YouTube reminders and notifications on the event page so you don't miss it!

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