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Lit Launch Day: Lit 3.0, Labs graduations, a compiler and more!

We're launching the next major version of Lit

Lit Team

Lit 3.0 Prerelease 2 and more!

Today we are publishing the second prerelease of Lit 3.0.

Lit Team

Announcing Lit 3.0 Pre-releases

Get an early look at the upcoming Lit 3.0 release.

Photo of Justin Fagnani Justin Fagnani

Get the lowdown on Lit Labs

Join us for a virtual event on October 24th 2022 at 10AM PDT to learn all about Lit Labs!

Photo of Elliott Marquez Elliott Marquez

Lit on Discord!

We've launched a brand new Lit Discord server, and here's why you should join it now!

Photo of Al Marks Al Marks

Eleventy + Lit

Announcing a new Lit Labs Eleventy plugin for static rendering of Lit components

Photo of Al Marks Al Marks

Lit 2.1 Release

New directives, new decorator, new observers package, and task/SSR updates

Photo of Justin Fagnani Justin Fagnani
Photo of Arthur Evans Arthur Evans

Watch the Lit 2 release livestream

What's new in Lit 2, a big-picture view of Lit usage at Google, and a community panel discussion.

Lit Team

Announcing Lit 2 stable release

Lit 2: smaller, better, faster, SSR-ready, and ready for production.

Lit Team

Lit 2.0: Meet Lit, all over again!

New name, new site, new version: smaller, better, faster, and SSR-ready.

Photo of Gray Norton Gray Norton

LitElement 3.0 & lit-html 2.0: Early Preview Release

Preview the next major versions of LitElement and lit-html.

Lit Team

Lightning-fast templates & Web Components: lit-html & LitElement

Announcing the stable releases of our next-generation web development libraries.

Photo of Justin Fagnani Justin Fagnani