Lit on Discord!

We've launched a brand new Lit Discord server, and here's why you should join it now!

We've just launched a brand new Lit Discord server, and we'd love for you to join it now! Everybody is welcome, whether you are brand new to Lit, or an experienced user.

We think the Lit Discord will be the best place to chat with the Lit community, talk to the Lit dev team, get help using Lit, and show off your Lit projects! We also plan to host special events there, using both chat and voice!

Why Discord?

Here's what we like best about Discord:

  1. It's easy to be in many communities, becuase you can quickly switch between them.

    There are already Discords for Modern Web, Shoelace, Vaadin, Material, Astro, and many other open source projects, so we think it will be great to be able to easily jump between them, share announcements, and more.

  2. Syntax highlighting, including for nested html tagged template literals!

  3. Traction & growth. Discord has had huge growth in recent years, and new open source projects seem to be choosing Discord more often than not now. We think that's becuase using Discord is a great experience, and because the friction to joining new Discord servers is low after you've started using it.

What's happening to Slack?

The Lit & Friends workspace on Slack will be going into read-only mode on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. After that, you'll be able to read existing messages, but won't be able to post new ones. We've already sent a message to every channel about these plans.

We decided to retire the Slack instead of maintaining both because we want to encourage more communication and less silos. Slack has served the Lit community well, but we think now is the right time to move to Discord!

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