There are many great resources and locations to learn about Lit, share what you've built, and more. Participation in our community is subject to the Lit Code of Conduct—be excellent to each other!

  • Join us on Discord! Chat about Lit, get help, or share your project in the Lit Discord server.

  • Follow us at @buildWithLit on Twitter for the latest on Lit and web components. Many of our team members can also be found tweeting about Lit, and the latest developments in the web platform.

  • Talk about Lit on GitHub Discussions. For longer questions or ideas about Lit, or to see what others are talking about, GitHub discussions are a great way to connect with the team and community.

  • Import the Lit Community Calendar to keep up to date on official community events like the weekly Open Eng Meeting and Community Calls. Add it to your Google Calendar by pressing the "+ Google Calendar" button at the bottom right corner of the calendar page.

  • Find answers on StackOverflow. Search the lit, lit-element, and lit-html tags when looking for answers. You can also find help on underlying web standards with tags like web-component, and try your hand at answering other people’s queries.

  • Watch Lit videos on YouTube. The Lit team has a dedicated YouTube channel with tutorials and update streams.